Tiger Subpecies

Overview of tiger subspecies.There are six subspecies of tigers, bengal tiger, siberian tiger, sumatran tiger, malayan tiger, indochinese tiger, south china tiger.

Bengal Tiger

The Bengal tiger is found in India as well as Bangladesh and it is known to live both in the heated areas of desert and the grasslands where it is wet and cool.

Siberian Tiger

The siberian tiger is the largest of all tigers. As its name implies, it inhabits the region of siberia in Russia.

Sumatran Tiger

You will find the Sumatran Tiger in the island of Sumatra. The Sumatran Tiger is smaller than other species of tigers.

Malayan Tiger

The Malayan Tiger is only found around the Malayan Pennisula which is where the name comes from

Indochinese Tiger

The Indochinese Tiger is found in areas of Vietnam, Thailand, China, and Cambodia.

South China Tiger

The South China Tiger features a very vibrant color of orange with black stripes on it.

Extinct Tiger Species

The Balinese Tiger became extinct in 1937 and until that time they resided on the Island of Bali. In the 1950’s the Caspian Tiger became extinct.