Tigers in Popular Culture

There is no denying the majestic beauty of the tiger or the power that one possesses. This is why the tiger has always been held in awe when it comes to popular culture. You will find many stories in mythology and early folklore that include this wonderful creature. You will also find plenty of art from ancient times that depict the power of the tiger. In many cultures it wasn’t feared but highly respected.

If you love early history take a look back at the various Coat of Arms offered out there around the world. You will notice that the tiger is a constant theme offered with many of them. This is due to the fact that the tiger is a symbol of strength, loyalty, and survival which are characteristics they all wish to uphold.

Even though some of the species of tigers are extinct, they still continue to be a part of popular culture. For example the Balinese Tiger that became extinct in 1937 is still highly connected to the religion of Hinduism. In Tibet it is still widely known in their ceremonies for the pelts of the tigers to be worn.

However, in 2006 they did introduce laws that no tigers should be killed to get them. People can use what they already have in their possession though. In the Buddhist religion the tiger is also an influence as it is one of the Three Senseless Creatures.

In the Chinese culture, the use of tigers to create the medicines that they needed to get better was very common. They had a great belief that the tigers were on Earth to help their people survive in this way. That is why you will still find that the tiger has a very special place in the culture of China. There is even the Year of the Tiger which is one of the 12 animals that has a year named after it on their calendars.

One of the most popular icon movies of all times is Scarface from 1983. In this movie, one of the characters wants to do it all to realize his American Dream. For him, part of that realization is to be able to have a pet tiger that lives on the land where his enormous house is found.

A fictional tiger in popular culture that has kept us all laughing for years is Hobbes. This is a stuffed tiger of a young boy named Calvin. The two have many adventures together and to Calvin his tiger is real. This story line originated as a comic strip but now you can find complete books in the Calvin and Hobbs series as well.

Another cartoon form of the tiger that we all know and love is Tigger from Winnie the Pooh. He is the sensible sidekick that often keeps Pooh from getting himself into so much trouble. One of the famous Disney movies with a tiger in it is called Jungle Book as well. There was even a cartoon spin off on Saturday mornings of it back in the early 1990’s.

Today you will find the symbolism of the tiger still alive and well. Many sports teams on high school, college, and even some professional levels use the tiger as their mascot. It is often part of the logo for promoting products in business as well. One of the most well loved tigers in advertising is Tony Tiger for Kellogg’s cereals.

In Asia where the tiger derives from, it is found on the official flags for many parts of their country. It is the National animal for Asia as well.