Tiger Threats

A very common question about tigers are what predators do they have to worry about. Since they are found at the top of the food chain, there isn’t much that gets in their way. Of course we all know that doesn’t mean they have lead a peaceful existence of they wouldn’t all be categorized as endangered species of animals.

Some of the larger types of animals out there though are a threat to tigers. Buffalo are one of them because they are so large and powerful. A kick from one of them can be the end of it for a tiger. Bears are also a threat due to their size and their powerful claws. Even elephants can attack tigers but generally only when they are trying to protect their offspring. Off  course all of this doesn’t prevent a tiger from going after the week or the young of these animals when it is hungry. They just have to be very calculated about how they will do it.

When a tiger comes into contact with such predators in the wild, they are often going to try to avoid conflicts. However, the males that are in their own territory will very likely stand their ground. With the natural habitat of all animals out there continually being destroyed by humans, these types of chance encounters are more likely to occur than they were in the past.

They can choose to stand and fight with their powerful claws and their sharp teeth. If they aren’t able to do that they usually can outrun these types of predators at least for a short distance. They can also climb trees and if there is water in the area they will simply swim to safety.

The one time when the tigers will stand their ground against such predators is when they have their own cubs to protect. This can turn out to be a very dangerous situation. The female needs to protect her cubs but by doing so she may end up getting killed herself. Then that means the offspring are going to have a very slim chance of surviving on their own but it will depend on their age.

Since humans are the biggest predators and threats to tigers the solution for their future lies in our own hands. We have the power to change what has been taking place for centuries. We have the technology at out fingertips to help these tigers to successfully mate with good genetics. We have the responsibility to continue to protect their natural environment rather than just expecting them to survive in captivity.

Humans can be very selfish creatures though which means that their own needs and wants often come before those of other animals out there. Hopefully as more people are educated about the tigers and what is happening to them they will make a conscious effort to change things. All of us can make a difference if we ban together and work hard at it.

Since the tigers don’t have too many other predators to really worry about in their natural environment we owe it to them to get things back in balance. It is possible for both us and them to live in harmony if we are respectful of their natural habitat. This scenario though is going to involve changing our mindset. We are going to have to stop clearing out forests, blowing up mountain areas to make roads or to harvest minerals, and we are going to have to stop the needless hunting and poaching of these animals so that they will have a chance to thrive once again.