Tiger Poaching

Tiger hunting is considered by a few, a very exciting challenge that many are up to taking. Even with these animals being drastically low in numbers people continue to do so. In Asia they are considered to be one of top five animals that people will pay huge amounts of money to be able to kill. Since they are hard to find that helps to add to the thrill of the hunt for many of them.

In the early days the tiger was hunted by natives to the lands for food. They would do so with spears and use them as a way to survive off of the land. However, as their weapons became more advanced they were able to kill more of them. Once the pelts of these animals started to sell for a very high figure then they were hunted not for food but to make money from them.

More advanced hunting techniques involved having men with weapons hiding in various areas. Then they would send hurt types of animals into a clearing where they would make distress calls. This would bring the tigers in out of curiosity as well as to make the kill. While the tiger was focused on getting a meal it was being stalked and hunted by the men around it. In some cultures actually making a kill of a tiger was considered to be a rite of passage from a boy to a man.

In China many tigers have been hunted to offer ingredients for various types of medicine. This is very strongly part of their culture that dates back many centuries. They have early practices that are still in place today even though protecting the Tiger is very important. They continue to hunt it though feeling that these animals were placed on the Earth to ensure their own well being.

Some parts of China though are starting to turn to the use of bones of other animals including deer. They want to see if they offer the same types of healing power that the have been getting from the bones of the tigers. They are more worried about what will occur should these animals become extinct though than in efforts to save them. They want to make sure they still have the ability to make the medicine they need to protect their people.

Hunting of the tiger often takes place illegally and on a grant scale by ranchers too. They have moved their homes and businesses into land that was once the territory of the tigers. Then they can’t understand why these creatures aren’t staying outside of the fences. They don’t want to continue losing their cattle to these tigers so they shoot them or they poison them.

They use the poison as a way to not get found out. If they shoot a tiger on their property then they can go to jail for it. However, if they leave carcasses out there for them to feed on that are poisoned then the tigers wonder off to die. When they are found, if they are found, there is no connecting them back to the ranchers. Some sting operations have been put in place to video record such events taking place though.

In many areas the laws aren’t very strict if you are caught hunting for tigers either. The rewards for successfully doing so are more than the penalties for getting caught. In fact, in some areas they do have such laws on the books but they aren’t ever enforced. This is like leaving the door open to seal the fate of the tigers out there forever though.